Sunday, April 7, 2013


Is being outspoken really that important?

Can we take a moment to try to appreciate the silence, and those who are silent, around us?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yang Akan Terjadi Jika Kau Minum Kopi di Sore Hari

  1. Kau jadi giddy dan gelisah. Kau akan merasa kelebihan energi, dan tiba-tiba sangat bersemangat bekerja sampai tengah malam atau bahkan besok paginya, tanpa mengantuk.
  2. Kau  jadi giddy dan gelisah. Terlalu gelisah untuk bisa konsentrasi dan fokus mengerjakan pekerjaan apapun, sehingga akhirnya tidak ada satu pekerjaan pun yang selesai.
  3. Perutmu jadi kembung. Kau akan terjaga sepanjang malam meresapi sakit di lambung; tidak bisa tidur, tapi juga tidak bisa bekerja.
  4. Kopinya tidak memberikan efek apa-apa. Kau akan mengantuk tepat jam 10 malam dan tertidur limabelas menit setelahnya. Sampai besok pagi. Sama sekali tidak menyelesaikan pekerjaan apapun.
Urutan kejadian berbanding terbalik dengan kemungkinannya untuk terjadi.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Why Keep A Journal?

So, 1.5 years after this post, I finally (yes, finally), decided to keep a journal again.

Life's different now and finding time to sit and write about different things is challenging for me, so I decided to have this one book to be my journal, where I'll write not only about the mundane things I do everyday, but also to keep my daily pages (which was supposed to be 'morning pages' as suggested by Julia Cameron_I changed it to daily because my mornings tend to be very hectic unless I wake up at 4am and write).

A colleague said he keeps a journal and wants his future children and grandchildren to read it one day, maybe when he's old or no longer there.

Now, while I'm not sure about the idea of my grandchildren reading my personal journal (because I write awful things), I think I really need to get into the habit again.

For one, it helps my relentless mind to calm down a bit. Sometimes it gets too crowded in my head. The thoughts can't stop shouting at each other. But I found that the intensity tends to lessen when they're on paper, so keeping a journal should be good for my health.

Two, it keeps me from posting too personal things in my social media accounts. 
I'd save the netizens around the world the unnecessary information about my uneventful life, and save the use of bandwidth and energy for electricity for more useful things, you know, for a greater good.

By doing that, I'd also save myself from any future embarrassment (which I predict mostly would consist of me being embarrassed about myself) from throwing too much nonsense. This way I also get to avoid the possibility of having to have my angst-decorated memories to exist forever in the virtual world.

Because I believe that the things you don't want people to comment about or respond to (liked, loved, laughed, frowned, shared, or questioned in real life), belongs only in your personal journal. 

So every time the urge to splutter things inside my head comes I'd remember to do it properly. That is either in the safe protection of the sheets in my personal journal because, well, it's personal, or in the middle of the competing noises in the chaotic world of social media (which leads to the possibility that those angst-ridden/happiness-overdosed/too-sweet-it's-nauseating too personal postings to go unnoticed anyway but hey, better be safe than sorry).

So help me God.