Monday, February 13, 2012

The Sky

Sky never fails me.
That I know for sure now.

In tough times when I think that the whole world is crumbling down and all I can do is watch and weep, the sight of the sky never fails me.

There's always something graceful about the sky. 


The way the clouds spread in the open sky from one end to another with striking grace. 

As if it's telling you that you are blessed to be able to witness such beauty around you, and that you are loved, and protected.

And with such grace and greatness, how can you doubt it?

When I feel bored or too stressed out at the office, I'd just take a short break at the cafe or simply sitting next to a nearest window, watching the afternoon sky that, luckily, most of the time is filled with burst of clouds (in rainy season, the sight is even better. I can see the gloomy yellowish grey sky from behind droplets on the window).

Sometimes I wish if I could just spend the whole day sitting next to my window, staring at the sky.

There will be days when I got out of the office feeling dreadful, and I know, all I need to do to make the two hours commuting trip bearable is to look at the sky.

To get amazed by its vastness, to greet the clouds and their beautiful colors in late afternoon.

I'd soon realize that there really isn't much to complain about, because the universe is beautiful and kind, and its grace soothes any wounded soul.

*All pictures were taken and edited using my android mobile phone


  1. @Jamil
    Hahaha, iya, memang di beberapa tempat penampakan brand tak bisa dihindari. It was all unintentional, karena semua foto diedit dengan aplikasi mobile.
    Untuk menghapus beberapa bagian biasanya pakai aplikasi photo editing di PC