Sunday, January 24, 2016

The heart is a mystic

They say follow your heart because the heart always knows what the mind doesn’t. And the heart is always right.

I guess it’s true.

But it also true, that the heart leads you to unfamiliar places.
It brings you face to face with the scariest of feelings,
it makes you jump head first to unknown territory,
swim in the darkest of water, walk hand in hand with strange beings,
lost in the realm of  a different world

You can never have the full grasp of what the heart wants.

Because it dances and dances around, eluding the mind that persistently tries to reason with it
Because it speaks in otherworldly language that you find difficult to understand
And the only thing you manage to grasp is ‘you should’ve known, you’ve known long before you even realize it’

It changes the perspective of things.
Scary beings are not so scary anymore,
strange ideas are not so strange anymore,
It makes you remember the first thing you managed to hear on your first encounter with it:
‘Fear me not’

It gets you permanent bruises and marks all over your soul.
But you still have to thank the heart, because, after all, it leads you to where you’re supposed to be.

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