Thursday, June 4, 2015

31 Days of Randomness, Day 2: Regret

Regret is.

The unfinished coffee in the mug.
Coffee leftover in the french press. Stale. Forgotten.
Undelivered messages (obviously).
Message distortion. Failure in encoding decoding process somewhere between your grey cells and your mouth. Harsh words that you can't take back.
Nice words that you can't take back.
Dreams, premature one, never had the chance to actually form into shape. Not even a blur one.
Missed chance. Of course. Although, do we need to regret those?
Living your life day to day with avoiding regret as the sole purpose and motivator. No harsh word, you might never get a chance to apologize. No second guessing, you might never get a second chance.

There it is.
I've used all my 'being positive' quota for the day. Or the week.

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