Friday, December 2, 2011


It never ceased to amaze me how some of my close friends actually play along with me in my sometimes-not-so-sophisticated analogy.

D: You should say hi, you know
A: I know. But how? I've forgot how to say hi 
D: Well just say it!
A: I can't. You see, if saying hi requires some kind of a program, then I don't have the program.
    The application won't run because the program has not been installed yet. It has been
    looooong deleted from my system.

D: I think you actually have the program. But there's just too many firewalls.
A: Haha. Firewalls. Rite.
D: You need to deactivate all the firewalls. Come on...
A: *sigh* I know...But then there's this antivirus...
D: Antivirus. That too.
A: Yeah.
D: You need to deactivate them too.
A: Yeah, I need to upgrade them to the more updated version, the one that can recognize new
     program not as virus.

D: It's the wall you've built.
A: I know.
D: Well actually everyone has their own walls, only in different forms.
A: But I realize now that mine's too thick
D: Yeah. Would require hard work to bring it down.
A: I feel sorry for anyone who's trying to bring it down. Well, I'd love to break it down. I'd love to
     have someone breaking it down, because I know I wouldn't be able to do it alone. I'm
     actually open for partnership, you know. A partnership in a construction work, to break down

D: Ok, go find a partner then. Make an announcement. Go bid for one.
A: Open a tender. 
D: Open a tender. 
A: *sigh*

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