Friday, February 4, 2011

Discovering Me

I love the smell of jasmine tea.

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I’m actually a coffee addict. But I think, just like another form of addiction, the smell of coffee always triggers an urge for something, a feeling of craving for something, which, sometimes, can be annoying. Especially when it’s not fulfilled. While tea, is very comforting. Calming. Soothing. The smell of peaceful and pure air. I’m exaggerating, I know.

I love the sound of rain.

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I’ve always been in love with it actually. Especially when I’m wearing sneaker. You’re probably wondering what does a sneaker have to do with rain. I’d say a lot.
For one, I won’t be able to enjoy walking under the rain if I’m not wearing sneaker, because I’d be distracted by the muddy road.

I love being alone.

Lhokseumawe end of '09

But of course, I hate feeling lonely. That’s, uhm, one of the contradictions that you will find almost anywhere in this world, so, don’t bother to complain.
In fact, I am addicted to silence. I feel like I never get enough of silence every time.

I love strolling along the side walk.

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Well, actually, I’d prefer strolling on the beach. But let’s just be realistic. That would only be less than once a year of chance. So no complaining. I can enjoy the Jakarta side walk pretty much.

I love books.

I kind of agree with the saying that book is the new boyfriend. I love them because they never talk back. They tell a story. Take you into the world of dreams. They leave it to you the decision to be rational. Or not.
That’s pretty much the idea of having a boyfriend, huh?

I love beach.

And the sight of the sea. Just the sight of it. No I don’t like the sea. In fact, I maybe hate it, because I can’t swim. I think it’s one of the example of the ‘love and hate’ thing. You love something you don’t want to have anything to do with. Sort of.
Ok, what else do I love?
What else do (I think) you need to know about me?
Oh, right, of course.
I love you. (Yeah, I think I do)
Not that I really know about you. And not that I really know about love either. Or whatever this feeling called.
I’d just say I love you, and hope that if one day you get a chance to read this, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. And discover who I really am. Whenever it may be…

Tuesday night, somewhere in my la-la-land

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