Friday, February 4, 2011

the green tea jasmine

Like I said here, I am actually a coffee addict. I love coffee as it stimulates my brain and in the same time give me this soothing effect.
Later on I learned that soothing is not exactly the correct word. A cup of coffee in the morning before starting my work gives me the assurance that I will be ready for anything. Come what may, I’ll be just fine because I have a cup (that could add up to two or three) of coffee with me.
But there are particular times, when I prefer tea.
I think tea has the real soothing effect.
Anyway, I went to grocery shopping with my Mom a couple of weeks ago, and I found this:

I always love the smell of green tea, and jasmine tea. And since this one is green tea jasmine, i thought, why don’t I give it a try? Not-so important information yet I think I have the obligation to mention here, I was actually intended to buy the Twinning chamomile tea. But it’s pretty expensive. At least it is for me. Yeah, I know that for this chamomile tea, it’s really worth the price. But I ended up not buying it and took the green tea jasmine instead after doing some reasoning which involved a calculation of household expenses and the sort.
What? For a pack of tea? Which, actually, really worth it? Yeah, I know, but when you’re a mom, such behavior is understood J
The package says that it is made from real green tea, not extracted. I don’t know much about tea makings and sort, but turns out this Tong Tji green tea jasmine is nice. It smells good, and it gives you the soothing effect needed. Some people probably say it is too fragrant. But for me that’s what I love about tea. It has to smell good.
There is the possibility that I was influenced by my currently-mellow mood. I don’t know, but I think, just like hot chocolate and blues, mellow mood and tea get along very well. And yes, that, is a subjective-far-from-scientific conclusion which should not be quoted as a reliable and competent reference, but yes, you may try to test it and let me know if you have finally proven it true.
I still want to buy the Twinning chamomile tea. I’ve promised that this time I will allow myself to be selfish and set aside some household calculation. But I also have decided that the Tong Tji Green tea jasmine will surely be in my monthly grocery shopping list.

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