Friday, February 4, 2011

The Legal Alien

Yeah, well, this back and forth process is quite annoying actually.
It is to me. Let alone the readers, if there's any :D
Anyway, just like I always said to my self, my life is like a book. Moving from one chapter to another.
So here's to my new playground here
Because am leaving some things behind.
Closing some doors and throw the key away.
Preparing my self for another journey.
I believe I am no longer mist covered now. But I know I'll always be that 'alien'.
Not that I mind, either :)
And why bother telling everyone about it?
Not that I am that famous.
I think this is part of the 'sharing your dreams to the others'. To me, it's part of my reminder mechanism. That I have a promise to fulfill.
To my self.
Oh, and also, to a very dear friend, that has forced me into this promise-making situation :)
You'll always be my devil's advocate :)

Well, this'll probably be blank for some time (pretty much representing my situation now).
Please bear with me :)
Some quiet night, pinggiran Jakarta

Feb 27, 2010

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