Friday, February 4, 2011

It Doesn't Match My Profile Pic

My FB profile picture is me with my daughter. My Twitter avatar is my head shot. And the reason I’m telling you this is because, it sometimes get in my way of updating my status, or tweeting something.

Have you ever been in such situation where you feel the urge to post something, especially when you’re angry or laughing over something?

I often find myself in that situation, having the urge to post something I thought of as funny or upsetting. Sometimes it is really funny or interesting. Sometimes it is really upsetting or outraging. Sometimes it is really important that I think people need to know about it. Sometimes, it is really nothing, but I just need to vent, thinking that this is my social media account so why can’t I use it the way I want to? Why should I care of what the so-called social media experts say about using it to share useful information and not throwing waste in the virtual world? What was it they say to get a solid, loyal crowds as your audiences?

So. I’d start typing on the status box, next to my avatar/profile picture. And there’s when it happens.

In some occasions, I find myself staring at the words I’d just typed, side by side with my avatar/profile picture, realizing that something is off. The pic and the words, it seems like they belong to two different worlds, and seeing them on the screen side by side is simply, umm, not right.
This is happen not only to stupid or silly things I want to say, but also to some (supposedly) useful information I want to share.
I actually find this rather annoying. The potential of mismatch between my profile pic and the things I want to say. Your profile pic, and your words, they are supposed to say the same thing, aren’t they? In some occasions, I was forced (by my unreasonable thinking of matching everything I said with my profile pic) to change my profile pic, for a day or two, for the sake of matching it with the words I want to put as my status/tweets.

This writing, for instance. I wouldn’t post it in my twitter next to my current avatar (that would be me wearing purple headscarf, happily smiling).

Why? Because this writing feels like it’s written by a grumpy old man, pulling a long face, joined eyebrows and lines on the forehead.

I’d have to find the right profile pic to be displayed next to this link so as not to confuse people on understanding the real personality behind the writings. Who is the person writing this unimportant post? With my current avatar, I’m sure they’ll ask themselves, 'A smiling girl? She doesn’t seem to be this grumpy. This is odd.'

But if they find the post displayed next to a picture of me with a long face, joined eyebrows and lines on the forehead, they won’t be confused. A friend told me once, that the expression I wore in the picture was an expression of someone asking to be slapped on the face. Such expression will perfectly match this post, I suppose.

So, here it goes.

The proper profile pic

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