Saturday, August 6, 2011

Her Wish

A friend once asked a question about the things that, I think, have been the main topic in every self motivational talks: why should you wait for someone else to make you happy? With or without a partner, be happy. Love yourself and be happy.

I totally agree with it.

This friend of mine, was talking about someone that he thinks is not too happy because she is currently single, after having gone through a rather painful break up. He thinks she needs to learn to obtain happiness without having to have someone by her side.

I think my friend was missing the point here.

I know the person that he's talking about, and I also know very well that she's not an unhappy person. She leads a small life, but she's contented with what she got and she's grateful for it, and aren't those are the important ingredient of happiness? Contented, and grateful.

Oh I can assure you that she is happy with her life.

Her wish is just simple. 

She wishes there's someone to cherish her happiness in a way that might be different from what she has always been cherishing with her friends and families. She just needs someone to cherish her happiness in that certain way, until the end of her life, when her friends would have been too occupied with their grandchildren and her families would have been gone or living their own life.

She is a loner and enjoys solitude. She only wishes she has someone to share the solitude that she really loves, someone who will sit with her in silence, admiring how lovely it is when you share it with the one you love the most. 

She just needs someone to sit next to her when she sits by the window of their house, looking out into the garden, watching the trees and the leaves as they dance with the wind, or washed by the rain, or simply stand silently in their grace.

She needs someone to share the gratitude for the chance of meeting another new morning everyday, sipping a cup of coffee or tea, while silently absorbing the view of the last stroke of orange and purple in the sky.

Her wish is just simple.

She thinks the world is a beautiful journey, and she wishes she has someone to walk with her hand in hand, sharing the same fascination of the beauty towards the end of the journey. Until the day they die.

And I think, despite the constant denial and our everlasting struggle for what we perceived to be independence, don't we all actually wish for the same thing?

5 am, early in a Sunday morning.

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