Thursday, August 18, 2011

tears run dry

The kind of feeling when you feel terribly sad
yet you cannot cry

No matter how hard you try to exhale and release 
No matter how deep you drown yourself into the sadness 
just for the sake of letting it all out
so you can weep and cry your heart out
No matter how long you sit silently in the dark
embracing the throbbing pain inside your chest
absorbing it into your system, 
encouraging it to run through your veins
breaking all the invisible walls
ready to accept the poisonous feeling of sadness

Yet you cannot cry

You wait and wait for the warm feeling in your eyes 
Anticipating the small glistening moist to appear 
right in the corner of your eyes

Yet nothing happens

Your eyes have gone dry
Your heart has gone dry
Every, single, part of your body has gone dry
All the feelings have evaporated into thin air through hundreds and hundreds of unspoken words, emotionless talks, denials, pride, ego, logic, reasons, and the unmet gaze, 
lost in the crowd of the universe
Until there's nothing more to shed

Tears run dry,
It's not just movie made, cheesy talks, or helpless romantic helplessness
It happens in the real life

You cannot cry


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