Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pinterest and Dreaming

Tumblr is my quiet corner when I need to escape the noise in Twitter and Facebook. And I've been spending more and more time there compared to the other two. It feels quiet there, and even if there are a lot of people in your timeline, it doesn't feel noisy. Nobody seems to bother of what everyone else is doing. When they do, they like, or reblog. Sometimes they ask questions. Yet it doesn't feel bothersome at all.
People are talking in hushed voice there.

And then I found Pinterest.

It feels even more quieter than Tumblr. And I love it.
I haven't dig more but I guess you need to be invited to be able to create an account there. So I guess for now I'd just looking around and enjoy the beautiful things there. 

This one is my favorite, a collection of dreamy bedrooms

I have always been having this special interest towards bedrooms interior, ever since I was a little girl. My sister told me that it was because I'm such a sleepy head, and she's probably right. 

But I think it's also because bedroom is something very personal to me, so much that even when my Mom spends more than an hour in my bedroom just to talk to me, I'd actually feel invaded.

And there's something so romantic about comfy bedroom, with clean white sheets and long window looking out to the garden.... I nearly cried while browsing through all the pictures there... 

Uhm, well, okay, perhaps I'm exaggerating. 

Point is, I love Pinterest, and I thank God for whoever posting the pictures of dreamy bedrooms there, because I love bedrooms.

Pinterest is now officially my quietest corner to go to when I need to be alone and dreaming :)

8.15 pm, as usual, it's me, motivated for all the wrong reasons

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