Saturday, September 3, 2011

Google Gravity

So this is Google Gravity.

My team mate Kate told me about it on one, boring afternoon at the office, two days before the long Idul Fitri holiday (yes, just imagine how boring it would be).

The sight of the falling and bouncing black blocks (from the menu bar) made us jumping on our seat (yes, probably because we were THAT bored). It's really fun to play with. But I don't think it works on IE though, because one of my colleague who heard the commotion in our cubicle (me and Kate bouncing in our chair) tried it on her computer and nothing happened. The Google black bar stays where they are, on the top of the screen.

Of course, as usual, typing your own name in the search box would be the first key word to try :D

We had fun alrite. And I'm really glad to have Kate as a team mate, since there's hardly a soul in my cubicle that understands my excitement on such things.

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